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Domenico Quaranta is a human, a father, a lover, a gardener, a writer, an exhibition maker and a teacher. When at keyboard, he can be reached out at info@domenicoquaranta.com and on some exploitative online platforms. Raised in the countryside and living in between meatspace and informational flows, since the early 2000s he has been spending most of his time speaking art and visual culture in front of diverse audiences, arranging artworks and words in a way that wants to make sense, enjoying life with his beloved ones and trying to understand the world he’s living in.

His most recent outcomes include: new! an exhibition on how photography lives on after its supposed death; new! a short essay on the need to demistify so-called artificial intelligence;new! an anthology of 20+ years of texts on net art; new! a collaborative attempt to exhibit the void and how we cope with it; a book on art, economy, authenticity in the age of NFTs; an online exhibition on how artists can possibly affect the future of the internet; another online exhibition researching the future of human visual culture in the age of machine vision; a selection of artist’s desktop studio visits; a short essay on art at the end of the future; a commentary on a duct-taped banana; an exhibition and a book on how labour is colonizing life in so called post-work societies.

Older books include In My Computer (2011), Beyond New Media Art (2013) and AFK. Texts on Artists 2011 - 2016. Once a frequent, now erratic collaborator with magazines and reviews, he contributed to, edited or co-edited a number of books and catalogues, including Sopravvivenza programmata (2020, with Valentino Catricalà), GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames (2006, with Matteo Bittanti) and THE F.A.T. MANUAL (2013, with Geraldine Juarez).

Past exhibitions include: Holy Fire. Art of the Digital Age (2008); RE:akt! (2009 - 2010); Playlist (2009 - 2010); Collect the WWWorld (2011 – 2012); Unoriginal Genius (2014); Cyphoria (2016); Escaping the Digital Unease (2017 and 2018 - 2019); Hyperemployment (2019 - 2020); For Your Eyes Only (2021). He lectures internationally and teaches net art and digital cultures at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan. In 2011 he co-founded the now ☨ Link Art Center.

A more detailed account of Domenico Quaranta’s activities can be found on Google docs; recent updates are available on the blog beyondnewmedia.art. If you care, you may even subscribe to his beautiful newsletter ✖‿✖

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Domenico Quaranta is an Italian writer, curator, and art critic known for his work in the field of contemporary art, particularly new media and digital art. He has made significant contributions to the discourse surrounding art and technology, exploring the intersection of contemporary art practices with digital culture.

Quaranta has written extensively on topics such as net art, internet culture, video games, and the impact of technology on art production and consumption. His writings often analyze the social, cultural, and political implications of digital art, and he has been an advocate for recognizing the significance of new media practices within the art world.

As a curator, Quaranta has organized numerous exhibitions and events showcasing contemporary art, including exhibitions that focus on internet-based art, digital installations, and interactive media. He has collaborated with various galleries, museums, and institutions to bring attention to emerging artists working with technology.

Quaranta has also been involved in the publication of books and catalogs related to contemporary art and digital culture. He has served as an editor and contributor to several publications that explore the evolving relationship between art and technology.

Overall, Domenico Quaranta has played a vital role in promoting and critically examining the impact of technology on contemporary art. Through his curatorial projects and writings, he has contributed to the understanding and appreciation of digital art forms, fostering dialogue and exploration within the art community.


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