Reality versus imagination

Reality versus imagination

- Does the fact that, most of the time, science-fiction becomes science fact help understand Artificial Intelligence?

Marshall McLuhan

- Nowadays, how should we approach Artificial Intelligence to better understand and ideally define it?

Stanley Kubrick

- Artificial Intelligence is usually very efficient but in only one domain. What does this lack of agility suggest?

Stanley Kubrick

- Considering Artificial Intelligence, we know the importance of datasets. How would the assembly of data ideally be organized?

LGBTQ+ manifestation

- Isn’t it important to consider the human factor, meaning the significant way content is annotated to better inform the Artificial Intelligence algorithms?

machine readable hito

- What back in the days was called generativity is currently named Artificial Intelligence. What does this evoke for you?

hype cycle

- Should Artificial Intelligence Algorithm coding be supervised and how?


mechanical turk

- The twenty twenties is the text to image era. But there are more of this kind of Artificial Intelligence services. What are those that we should mention now?

rené magritte

Les Mots et les Images

- There is currently a debate about authorship considering the creative content generated with Artificial Intelligence “in the style of”. What is your point of view about it?

oliver laric

- What do you think about these artworks signed by Artificial Intelligence as well as those exhibitions supposedly curated by AI?

r. mutt

aby warburg

- Do you think that Artificial Intelligence might be able to really innovate some day, one way or another?

accelerating returns

- We are used to referring to Artificial Intelligence as flawless. But it fails. So how would you comment on these possible failures?

paul virilio

- In your opinion, what would be the most significant Artificial Intelligence to mention?


- Science fiction aside, what would be your biggest fears in the future uses of Artificial Intelligence?

dr. strangelove

- On the other hand, what might be your highest expectations in Artificial Intelligence?

all watched over

- Technology including Artificial Intelligence is frequently referred to as both problem and solution – so how it might be of any help considering sustainability?

donna haraway

- To conclude this panel about our common future with Artificial Intelligence, what would you like to add?

the golden calf

Questions by Dominique Moulon
Answers by Domenico Quaranta

TFOL 2022, 2–3 December 2022
Bozar Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels
PANEL 1: Reality versus Imagination
December 3, 11:00 - 12:30
Panel discussion with curator Eva Fischer (AT), director of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA); Carles Sierra Garcia (SP); artist Linda Dounia Rebeiz (SN); and curator Domenico Quaranta (IT) – moderated by curator Dominique Moulon (FR).