David Lynch about the pandemic

“(the pandemic) has slowed things down and people come face-to-face with themselves and it’s scary. People are going nuts and they’re looking for any entertainment or any kind of thing to escape just being by themselves and thinking about things. And we’re all sorta like that. It’s really tough to be on your own. Because it causes something to happen. Things slow down and you find yourself with yourself. But I think something really good is gonna come on the other side of this pandemic and all the changes that are going on. A good time is coming for us all.” Ross Simonini, ‘Daydreaming Is So Important To Me’: How David Lynch Fishes For Ideas, in Art Review, 05 January 2021

Naomi Klein: Screen New Deal

“Far more high-tech than anything we have seen during previous disasters, the future that is being rushed into being as the bodies still pile up treats our past weeks of physical isolation not as a painful necessity to save lives, but as a living laboratory for a permanent — and highly profitable — no-touch future.” Naomi Klein, Screen New Deal, in The Intercept, May 8, 2020

Trevor Paglen: how images mean things

“This time has been many, many things, but in terms of making art, it’s been a moment at which there’s been a huge change in the way that images mean things. Some small examples of that might be: suddenly an aeroplane in the sky takes on a different meaning; suddenly a handle of a gas pump takes on a different meaning; suddenly a runner speeding past you means something different. There’s a massive change in your relationship to the world around you, in terms of what kinds of associations you have, and in the meanings that you ascribe to different things and different kinds of images.” In En Liang, “Trevor Paglen: How COVID-19 Changed the Way We See the World”, in Art Review, 10 September 2020

Paul B. Preciado: paradigm shift

“Non potete tornare a una vita normale, perché quella che in passato chiamavate “vita normale” non può esistere durante un cambiamento di paradigma, perché anche se le cose sembrano sempre le stesse, non lo sono più. Anche le parole che paiono pronunciate nello stesso modo hanno cambiato senso. Il problema è che nessuno sa quale sarà il nuovo significato.”

“La deriva del migrante verso il nulla è un modello politico migliore di quello del cittadino europeo o nordamericano che vuole semplicemente tornare a casa. Il terrore e il desiderio che animano l’esilio sono più vicini alla mutazione necessaria per affrontare il tunnel in cui ci siamo collettivamente ficcati.”

Paul B. Preciado, “Tornate, sbrigatevi. Ma per andare dove?”, in Internazionale, 21 settembre 2020