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Lev Manovich: New Media Art

“If consumer products have ‘planned obsolescence,’ digital art created with the ‘latest’ technology has its own ‘built-in obsolescence.’ […] did I waste my whole life in the wrong field? It is very exciting to be at the “cutting edge”, but the price you pay is heavy. After 30 years in this field, there are very few artworks I can show to my students without feeling embarrassed. While I remember why there were so important to us at the moment they were made, their low-resolution visuals and broken links can’t inspire students. The same is often true for the “content” of digital art. It’s about “issues,” “impact of X on Y”, “critique of A”, “a parody of B”, “community of C” and so on. It’s almost never about our real everyday life and our humanity. Feelings. Passions. Looking at the world. Looking inside yourself. Falling in love. Breaking up. Questioning yourself. Searching for love, meaning, less alienated life.” Lev Manovich, My Anti-Digital Art Manifesto, September 13, 2020

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev: Art and Technology

“Artists who fetishize the medium, whatever that medium, they’re just generally not good artists. A good artist, a real artist, will reflect on the implications of a technological revolution like AI and they’ll use it to show certain implications on our subjectivity […] Art has only a little bit to do with creating innovative forms or imagining new patterns. Art is rather a kind of empirical philosophy. It’s like doing philosophy through practical means.” Naomi Rea, “Super-Curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev Talks About Hito Steyerl’s Latest Work and Why AI Is Actually ‘Artificial Stupidity’”, in Artnet News, November 26, 2018