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Beyond New Media Art: two reviews, a seminar and the Slovenian edition


It’s quite a good moment for my book Beyond New Media Art, the updated English version of Media, New Media, Postmedia (2010) published by Link Editions in 2013 and available in print and free download. Artist and critic Joseph Nechvatal just published two extensive reviews, the first posted in On Verge. Alternative Art Criticism, and the second on Hyperallergic. Not just reviews, Nechvatal’s texts are actually an add-on to the book, in their attempt to use its ideas to understand the recent market and institutional success of the work of Wade Guyton. Thanks Joseph!

Joseph Nechvatal, “Book Review: Beyond New Media Art”, in On-Verge, April 11, 2014.

Joseph Nechvatal, “Wade Guyton and the Post-Media Question”, in Hyperallergic, April 15, 2014.

Meanwhile, Aksioma translated the book to Slovenian, and made it available in print and free download on Lulu as well, with a wonderful cover image by Aram Bartholl. Onkraj novomedijske umetnosti (2014) will be launched next week in conjunction with a two days seminar on the book, and hosted by the Kino Šiška Center for Urban Culture on April 22 – 23, 2014. For the occasion, I revived the blog I created in 2010 for the Italian edition of the book, where I will post some quotes from the book. Comments are open.

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