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gattobanana by kamilia kard This is what I'm doing in my life by Emilie Gervais Francoise Gamma: JumpJumpJump Vince McKelvie I'm net art by Emilie Gervais Nicolas Sassoon Rollin Leonard Art and Reality by Animatedtext WHITE WITH WHITE, 2008, by Petra Cortright Bison.gif, by Harm Van Den Dorpel Math Wrath Occupy the Internet by Evan Roth

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Scattered around the page, an evolving collection of animated GIFs I like, and that I collected along the years. Top bottom:

gattobanana.gif by Kamilia Kard
Waves by Nicolas Sassoon
This is What I'm Doing in My Life by Emilie Gervais
Animated Gif Model by Olia Lialina
JumpJumpJump.gif by Francoise Gamma
(rotating 3D gif) by Vince McKelvie
I'm net.rt by Emilie Gervais
Art and Reality are Always Subjective by Animatedtext
WHITE WITH WHITE by Petra Cortright
IMG_9856.gif by Rollin Leonard
manzibar3.gif by Math Wrath
It's a Class War by Evan Roth
Bison.gif by Harm Van Den Dorpel
Static Jewel by Kevin Bewersdorf

Domenico Quaranta,

Static Jewel by Kevin Bewersdorf