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“Cyphoria”. Curated by Domenico Quaranta for Quadriennale 2016, Roma (I)

"We live in an era infused with mediation, which has found its way into every aspect of life, experience, imagination and story-telling. Politics, the economy, work, forms of communication and society, but also intimacy and dreams have been overturned by the impact of digital media. Issues such as privacy, surveillance and the capitalization of social life define an important part of what we call the present. Cyphoria, the section I am curating at the 16th Art Quadriennale, raises these questions and investigates how they are reflected in Italian contemporary art."More

ARTISTS: Alterazioni Video, Enrico Boccioletti, Mara Oscar Cassiani, Paolo Cirio, Roberto Fassone, Giovanni Fredi, Elisa Giardina Papa, Kamilia Kard, Eva and Franco Mattes, Simone Monsi, Quayola, Federico Solmi, Marco Strappato, Natalia Trejbalova.


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Domenico Quaranta,